Mount Pulaski

Zip Code: 62548 - 1148 Area Code: 217

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Mount Pulaski Township Website

 This website was created under the auspices of both the Mt. Pulaski Township
 Historical Society
and the Mt. Pulaski Looking for Lincoln Committee.

This website is currently being maintained and sponsored
since 2003 by its webmaster and creator, Phil Bertoni. 

This website is
not a commercial website.  Any donations collected as an
 effect of this website are passed on to the Mt. Pulaski Township Historical Society.

Contact Phil at:

two one seven seven 9 two five 4 4 two   ( i n o t r e b   at   f r o n t i e r n e t   d o t   n e t )

[please excuse the awkwardness of the above e-mail address & numbers - helps prevent
  solicitors from parsing [performing syntactic analysis] addresses & phone numbers.