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City of Mount Pulaski - founded by English immigrants (Jabez Capps, etc.), in 1836.  Settled mostly by German folks.  Named after Count Casimir Pulaski, a Polish soldier of fortune who came to America to fight in the Revolutionary War.  He died in the battle of Savannah, Georgia.   In 1900, a Republican Rally was held here - attended by:  President - William McKinley, Vice President - Teddy Roosevelt, former president - Grover Cleveland, and financial backer - John D. Rockefeller.  They walked up Washington street from their train to the Mount Pulaski House Hotel, where they stayed the night.  In 1910, Wilber Wright sped through our town from Chicago to Springfield on board the Illinois Central train.  His plane flew overhead, piloted by Walter Brookins.  This plane landed for a short time near the train station, where a historic plaque now reveals the event.  It was a $10,000 bet, put up by one of the Chicago newspapers.  His bi-plane won the race to Springfield.

Mount Pulaski Courthouse - One of the stops on the 8th Circuit Court where Abraham Lincoln served as a traveling lawyer (1849 - 1855).  This 8th Circuit covered about 10 counties.  Courtroom wooden floor is the original floor where A. Lincoln once paced for his court sessions.  This structure is an example of early Greek Revival Architecture.
  The local citizens, craftsmen and merchants donated materials, labor and $2700 to construct this building in 1847.  The Logan County Seat was moved to Lincoln, Il (11 miles to the north) in 1855, since the railroad had recently been laid - connecting Chicago to Springfield and onto St. Louis through the city of Lincoln.  [the city of Lincoln, remarkably, was named after Mr. Lincoln before he became widely known - 1854!].  Mount Pulaski was founded in 1836.

Salt Creek Attic - Antique Furniture & Gift Shop (where free refreshments were provided by Dorothy, Jo, and Phyllis.

Abraham Lincoln Mural - large recently-painted mural of Abe in front of the old Mount Pulaski House Hotel, where Abe and his lawyer peers visited, ate, talked and slept (2 to a bed for $1.50 each, which included the keep of their horse)

Mount Pulaski Township Historical Museum  

MPTHS Museum  Current Looks

MPTHS Museum  Before & After Photos

Two buildings of 1890's vintage, restored.  The two upper floors are restored to period rooms:  kitchen (40-50's), sewing room (1900's), dinning room (1920's), parlor (1900's), South Side Club Poker room (where former Illinois Governor Oglesby once frequented), bedroom, music room, classroom filled with old ink-well desks and old books and artifacts (92 yr old former 3rd grade teacher helped restore this room and she writes on the blackboard - seasonal remarks - typical classroom educational information).  Some noticed the burnt spots on the banister where lit cigars had been twisted out into the wood.  At least one noticed the two large sky-lights in these two buildings.  The one in the lower bank side of the museum has a false enclosed area which reaches all the way up to the roof from the bottom floor level of the first floor.

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