Boy Scouts "I Spy" Bike Tour

A. Lincoln Trails

Logan County

May, 2006

Sponsored by Troup 102, Lincoln, Il

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Phyllis Janssen & Matt Mason - Lincoln Boy Scout Troop 102
hospitality - on the courtyard - Mt. Pulaski

Kirk Sanderbeck - [63 mile tour rider]
Assist. Scoutmaster Troop 46 (Riverton)

Larry Ingram - Lincoln Boy Scout Troup 102
"I Spy" tour map maker

Matt Mason on a tour of the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse
with Chuck McCue, Courthouse volunteer

Matt touching the actual wooden floor
that Abraham Lincoln walked on

Matt in the actual courtroom that Abraham Lincoln and Judge David Davis practiced law in on the 8th Circuit Court: 1848 - 1855