Mt. Pulaski Rotary-Funded Projects
on-going ... up-coming ... past

Mt. Pulaski High School Senior Scholarships - On-going

Mt. Pulaski Public Library Summer Reading Program - On-going

Mt. Pulaski Community Pride - Fall Festival - On-going

Mt. Pulaski 175th Anniversary Celebration Committee  (2011-2012)

Logan County Food Bank - On-going

United Methodist Church Summer Teen Work Group - 2009 & 2010

World Rotary Polio Eradication Program - On-going

2010 Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief ($1,000 for Shelter Box)


Solar Ovens for Kenyan Food Project -   Visiting missionary speaker, Barbara O’Donohue of Lincoln,
explaining how solar ovens can be of great benefit to African peoples.  Mt. Pulaski Rotary combined with
 Lincoln and Atlanta Rotaries to purchase several solar ovens for O'Donohue's mission in Kenya.

Guatemala Medical Mission - 2008

Visiting speaker Laura Amidon with Rotarian President, Phil Bertoni.   She explained her medical Missionary Trip
 to a Zion Lutheran School in Guatemala in the Fall of 2007.  Laura exhibited her Guatemalan dress during her
 medical mission report to the Mt. Pulaski Rotary club meeting/luncheon.  Laura resides with her husband and children
 in Mt. Pulaski and is a nurse in Springfield.  She accompanied other nurses, doctors and medical staff to Guatemala.
 Mt. Pulaski Rotary provided some financial support for Laura's Trip.

Tom & Jerry inspecting Guatamalen Bills - looking at their anti-counterfeiting measures


Water Wells for Nigeria Water Project (2008)


Canoes are used to check on stranded residents in their Pontiac neighborhood, Thursday, January 10, 2008.

Watseka & Pontiac Disaster Relief (2008