Mount Pulaski City Council decides to table the decision regarding Mayor James Cole

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[April 11, 2018] 


The fate of Mount Pulaski Mayor James Cole will have to wait. While Cole was not in attendance at the regular Tuesday night city council meeting, he released a letter dated April 10, 2018, stating, "With the allegations being made toward me, although I don't agree, for the best interest of the City Government to conduct the public's business I tender my resignation to take effect immediately with the following stipulation, no legal action on the allegations being leveled at me."

When the 6:30 p.m. meeting began on Tuesday night, the city council announced a new city attorney had been hired and then the council immediately went into an executive session. The new city attorney is Jordan T. Klein of Erickson, Davis, Murphy, Johnson & Walsh, LTD. They have offices in Decatur and Shelbyville.

Following the executive session, the meeting resumed with the public in attendance and it was business as usual. However, seated in the mayor's chair was senior council member Darrell Knauer. Knauer will be the mayor pro tem. In other words, Knauer is filling in and assuming mayoral duties in the event of the mayor's absence, which in this situation is due to a resignation. A resignation not accepted at this time by the council.

Back to business as usual, the reports by officers were addressed and old business was discussed.

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Then it was time for new business. First up on the new business agenda was the issue with Mayor James Cole. Alderman Matt Bobell quickly addressed that situation. "I would like to table that matter until the next meeting so we can get more legal advice from our new attorney," said Bobell. "I would actually like to table the next three items on the agenda which are accept resignation, decide on actions to take on Mayor and issue ordinance ticket," continued Bobell.

Alderman Andrew Neaville said, "I'll second that motion."

All council members voted "aye" and with the motion carried, the next order of business was discussed.

Another important developing matter in city council news is the idea of a Regional Water Co-op. There will be a community meeting on April 17th at the Family Life Center to discuss this issue and the council urges all community members to attend and voice their opinions on the matter.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

The next city council meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on April 24, 2018.

[Teena Lowery]

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