Mount Pulaski Courthouse Starts to See Progress

In collaboration with IHPA and CDB, Courthouse is moving forward with renovation plans of replacing the seventy-five year old roof, repairing the damaged roof support structure within the attic of the building, and shoring up the entire support system at the same time.

The Courthouse Foundation has agreed to fund the entire project which is scheduled to begin in early 2016 and take up to 120 days to complete.  During certain times the Courthouse or portions of the Courthouse may have to be closed temporarily.

This project originally had initial approval for funding by the IHPA, but due to the State of Illinois budget crisis, funding by the state has been put on indefinite hold. If the State of Illinois passes a budget that includes Capital Development Board funding, then it is possible that some funds may become available to help the Foundation with this project. 

The Foundation wishes to thank all those in the community and from around the world who have supported them so generously these past four years.  While much work has been done to maintain the Courthouse over the past few years, this project is one the Foundation has deemed critical in completing to make sure the Courthouse is standing strong for many years to come.

Please visit the Foundation’s website and Facebook page for updates and more information about renovation, volunteering, events, and making donations.  Thank you! 



The Courthouse Foundation

P.O. Box 171

Mount Pulaski, Il 62548