Mt. Pulaski Celebrates Abraham Lincoln's
 200th Bi-Centennial Birthday


1858 Speech by Abe Lincoln in Lincoln, IL

Copy of 1858 Painting now in Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

new Lincoln's Last Hours

Feb. 12 Abraham Lincoln's Connection to the Town of Mt. Pulaski

Action! Courthouse becomes movie set

Photos of WILL-TV PBS [Univ. of IL] at Mt. Pulaski Courthouse

Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site  served refreshments from noon
 until 4 pm Feb. 12 in honor of Abraham Lincolnís 200th birthday

Abraham Lincoln in Mt. Pulaski Sign Dedication - Feb. 6, 2009

Lincoln Courier Feb. 9 Pulaski Gets New Abraham Lincoln Tourism Sign

Feb. 8  Cast Iron Tombstone Re-enactment

Feb 20 Slave in Jefferson Davis' home gave Union key secrets

  • William Jackson, a slave, learned key details inside the home of Jefferson Davis
  • Davis was president of the Confederacy; Jackson leaked key secrets to the Union
  • "Because of his role as a menial servant, he simply was ignored" by Southerners
  • Author said history must never forget the sacrifice of African-Americans in Civil War

Feb 14 Reporter's Notebook: Visiting Lincoln's Springfield

Feb 16 New Salem events to focus on Lincolnís arrival

Feb 15 Commentary: Lincoln lived -- and died -- for freedom

  • Donna Brazile: President Obama returns to Illinois to honor Lincoln's 200th birthday

  • Brazile says Lincoln was committed to preserve freedom as guiding principle

  • She says Lincoln said he'd rather die than surrender freedom

  • Brazile: Lincoln insisted on opening White House doors to the public

Feb 12 Keeping Lincoln's memory alive for 5 generations

  • Meserve-Kunhardt family has been collecting Lincoln items for five generations
  • Frederick Hill Meserve began collecting endangered Lincoln photographs
  • He published groundbreaking work on images of the 16th president
  • His descendants have carried on and expanded his work

Feb 12 79 Stories on Abraham Lincoln

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln:  Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidencies

Feb. 12 Abraham Lincoln's Connection to the Town of Mt. Pulaski

NEW Feb 1 In Lincoln's Steps - Chicago Tribune
                   Includes 1848 - 1855 Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit through Mount Pulaski

Mount Pulaski is Featured in the Above Display of Abraham Lincoln Historic Sites


Feb 14 Lincoln - [and Logan County] - continues to celebrate ... Lincoln

Feb13 Obama's message to Springfield: Rebuild, renew, remake 'Only by coming together ... can we do the work that must be done'

Feb13 Obama delivers speech

Feb13 Obama returns to Springfield

Feb 13

Obama honors Lincoln's vision of strong union

Feb 13 Obama says Illinois 'ready to move forward' after Blagojevich

Feb 11 Itís about Abeís 200th - Mt. Pulaski Grade School and Zion Elementary participate in Abe Appreciation Day

Feb 12 Mount Pulaski students get lessons on their city's rich heritage

Feb 12 Abraham Lincoln's original manuscripts are subject of new Library of Congress publication

Feb 12 Abraham Lincoln and Logan County

Feb 11 Secret Service says Obama trip will be short

Lincoln Courier - Itís about Abeís 200th

Feb 12 Mount Pulaski students get lessons on their city's rich heritage

Feb 12 Abraham Lincoln and Logan County

Feb 9 Herald-Review: Mt. Pulaski honors Abraham Lincoln
with Re-enactment of Cast Iron Tombstone trial

SJ-R Feb. 7  Looking for Lincoln Finds Historic Mt. Pulaski Courthouse


Feb 6 Bicentennial Abraham Lincoln in Mt. Pulaski Sign Dedication

SJ-R Feb. 7  Looking for Lincoln Finds Historic Mt. Pulaski Courthouse     Mt. Pulaski Dedicates Lawyer Lincoln Sign - Trial Re-enactment Set for Sunday, 2 pm

Jan 30 Commemorative painting unveiled at Lincoln College

Jan 30 College unveils Lincoln painting


Wanda Lee Rohlfs of Main Street Lincoln looks on as Ron Keller, Lincoln Heritage Museum director at Lincoln College (left), and Paul Beaver, Lincoln College history professor emeritus, unveil a new painting for Logan County. The painting depicts the rally on Oct. 16, 1858, when Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of the Logan County Courthouse before a large crowd of 5,000. Lincoln was in a hotly contested run for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat against Steven A. Douglas. Lincoln won Logan County, lost Sangamon County and lost that race, but then became the next U.S. president.

Jan 14 Smithsonian Exhibit Features Key Documents from Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Key Documents on Display in Washington D.C.

Jan 7 Look for Lincoln all across Illinois Signage Program Shows that Springfieldís not only Place for Abe

Mt. Pulaski Abraham Lincoln Appreciation Day
 Mt. Pulaski Grade School & Zion Lutheran Student Tours