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Jan 16, 2012 Lincoln Daily-News: $800 check made out to "self" by Abe

A NEW (Feb. 2012) website for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library makes it easier to locate historical
 and genealogical information in the library's 12-million-item collection


"...represents the landscape Abraham Lincoln would have known growing up and living in the Midwest,
 containing plants native to the three states he lived in - Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Designed by
internationally-known landscape architect Jens Jensen, this 100-acre site features six miles of trails,
footbridges, a pond, eight stone council rings, and dozens of wooden benches inscribed with Lincoln quotes."

Abraham Lincoln in Mt. Pulaski & Area

 Lincoln historian delves into answering the long-standing 'Abe in church' question

 Lincoln Artifacts in Lincoln College Museum

 Some Favorite Lincoln Artifacts in Springfield

Abraham Lincoln in Logan C
County, IL. 1834 - 1860 by Paul Beaver

History of Mount Pulaski 1911
by Judge Lawrence B. Stringer

History of Logan County 1911
by Judge Lawrence B. Stringer

Early Recollections of Abraham Lincoln by Elizabeth Lushbaugh Capps


"Capps Lincoln-Koke Beidler" picture, p. 18;
Mount Pulaski, Illinois 1836-1986 150 Years of Memories
; CW 1986, Mount Pulaski Community Pride; Charles W. Fricke, Editor; Kes-Print, Inc.; 8419 W. 72 Terrace; Shawnee Mission, Kansas City.  The above reference including the "...Ambrotypefrom life..." quote is to be found in the caption to this picture in that 1986 anniversary hard-back 720 pp. book.

Photo of bust of Lincoln taken from bust
that is on display in MPTHS Museum.
This is a copy of Volk's original:

Leonard Volk (1828-1895), after studying sculpture in Rome,  he opened a studio in Chicago in 1857. Volk met Lincoln during the 1858 debates and, in early 1860, persuaded him to sit for a life mask on March 31. From this mask, Volk made several different versions of busts. In May of that year, he produced Lincoln's hands. Both the mask and the hands provided models for many other Lincoln statues by many other sculptors. Volk also produced life-size statues in Springfield, IL and Rochester, NY.